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team berlin is made up of the athletes and artists from Berlin, who participate in international LGBT sports and cultural events such as the EuroGames, Gay Games and Outgames. We raise the "teamgeist", organise the team clothes, help the athletes with their preparations for the games, arrange meeting points and parties before and during the games. team berlin offers a platform where athletes affiliated to sport clubs as well as non-affiliated athletes can meet and find information about the various games.


team berlin was founded in 1989 for the Gay Games III in Vancouver by the LGBT sport clubs Seitenwechsel Berlin and Vorspiel Berlin. In the following years team berlin stirred more and more clubs and individuals into action for the games. 1999 team berlin hosted the FGG Annual General Assembly. Because of the constant activities team berlin decided to get registered in 2004.

team berlin is a full member of the EGLSF (January 2005) and GLISA (January 2007) and join the FGG again since March 2009.

Right now team berlin has more than 200 registered members and holds close contact to more than 2000 athletes and artists from Berlin and surroundings. It is not obligatory to become a member for a person who wants to join actions offered by team berlin. But members get a price reduction for team cloths and other benefits.


Since 2008 team berlin supports the movement for One Quadrennial Event in 2018 with different activities. We work close together with Berlin's LGBT Sport Clubs, the government and LGBT institutions like Berlin's Christopher Street Day and the Lesbian and Gay Street fair. team berlins activities are mostly sponsored by media partner and companies. That's why we are able to ask for a merely symbolic membership fee of 10,00 euro per year.

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